Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby Quilt x 2 when Twins Arrive

My mantra, "every baby deserves their own quilt," puts me into quilting action when I hear that there is going to be a new arrival. Such was the case when I learned that my son's former college room mate and his wife were expecting a baby. I try to have a few baby quilts waiting in the wings just in case I get behind and need a quilt. But this new family is very special to me and I wanted to make the quilt special. I also like to experiment with new designs in baby quilts because, let's face it, they are about one-fourth the size of a bed quilt. I chose to use my pink scraps and make a pineapple quilt with a green fabric as the background. It is a pattern that I had used before and wanted to use again because I was in the mood for scrappy. The pieces in this quilt are all cut from 1.5 inch strips. Even though it is a baby quilt there a lot of seams and the project is fairly slow.

Pineapple baby quilt from my pink scraps.

I completed the pineapple baby quilt project in plenty of  time before the new arrival. That is until I received word that there would be more than one baby! Twins Kate and Paige have arrived and they are identical, however their quilts are not. I have trouble doing the same quilt more than once so the second quilt is from I pattern that I had been wanting to try. It is a wonky zig zag design. I did keep it in the same color scheme of pink and green. And as always, I quilted the baby's name, date of birth and weight in the quilting. Welcome to the world girls. It is always so wonderful to hear about and celebrate new life.

The wonky zig zag baby quilt.

I include the name and birth date in the quilting.