Monday, September 7, 2015

Everyone Loves Winning a Prize

Amber Eubank was the winner of Lady Bird, a quilt from my Quilt Like a Hipster exhibit.

Everyone loves a drawing and winning a prize. That is why I gave away one of my quilts from the Quilt Like A Hipster exhibit that ended August 1 at the Danville Community Arts Center. Amber Eubank of Salvisa, Ky  entered the contest by posting a photo from my exhibit on Instagram and using the hashtag #quiltlikeahipster. Thanks Amber for coming to my show and entering the contest. And thanks to everyone else that came to my exhibit. I was shocked to learn there were 402 people that came to the opening reception on June 6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am honored. I met so many nice people during the exhibit and really enjoyed teaching my methods of quilting during three different classes at the arts center. Now I'm off  to tackle my quilting "to do" list. I owe some family members wedding quilts and baby quilts. I'm sure they are feeling like the barefoot cobbler's children. I'll keep you posted.