Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Searching for the Model

I really like making my nieces cotton dresses for their birthdays. Last Christmas one of the little girls walked in with her 18" doll she had just received from Santa and it gave me a great idea. Each birthday dress should be accompanied by a doll dress for their favorite doll. Having raised a house hold full of boys, dolls are not known in my arena. But I really needed a "model" for these doll dresses.

 So off to the Flea Mall I went in search of a doll. I trolled up and down the rows of booths full of all kinds of items from tube socks to antiques to books and corn hole boards. I finally came across of booth full of dolls. My lucky day. In search of just the right doll I was stopping complete strangers to get their opinions of the right doll. One young girl and her mother had no idea which one was the right doll. But I did come across an older woman that confirmed the doll I picked was the proper size. Besides all the dolls in the booth that day were 50 percent off. This cute little red headed doll was obviously only on display since she still had the tag on her wrist and came with a stand. Nine dollars later I had her in my studio and was dressing her in a matching dress for the birthday girl. She now lives in my studio waiting for her next modeling assignment.

This is a link to the American Quilters Society  utube video. I was interviewed for my quilt, Flight Patterns, that placed second in the Modern Quilt division.


My new doll is modeling a dress for the next birthday girl. 

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